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Building A Full-Stack Application

This second project will be your first foray into building a full-stack application. You'll be building your first real back-end app, with a front-end to match, which means you'll learn about what it takes to build an API and use it.

At a high level, here are our goals for you in this project:

  • Build a single-page application (SPA) with basic user authentication (sign up, sign in, sign out, change password) that interacts with a custom API that you build
  • Build an app that can create, read, update, and delete data in a SQL database
  • Learn to create user stories and wireframes (before writing code) as part of planning out your app.
  • Learn to confidently present your work to a technical audience (5-10 minute presentation)

You will be working individually for this project, and you'll be designing the app yourself. Remember to keep things small – scope creep/feature creep is a huge potential pitfall for any project!

Required Reading

Optional Reading

Good luck and happy hacking!


  1. All content is licensed under a CC­BY­NC­SA 4.0 license.
  2. All software code is licensed under GNU GPLv3. For commercial use or alternative licensing, please contact