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Chase 'Em
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//Chase 'Em Chase'Em is a HTML/JavaScript/CSS one player game project. Trello public Insert Wireframe Wireframe for Chase'Em Project 1 SEI6-DEN

About Chase'Em was created by student Yettsy Knapp in GA SEI 6 DEN in Dec 2019. Play online at //1Chase'Em hyperlink

Intro Chase'Em is an old school brick breaker written in JavaScript using Canvas. This game allows users to utlize four components to reach a high score before the game is over. Platform, Ball, Bricks, Canvas

How the Game Works

-Users will be located at the bottom of the platform(grid) rectangle div. -User will have platform which moves left or right with mouseover commands. -User will utilize platform to fire ball towards their target. -There is a life count that will count down from 3 to successfully execute targets located at the top of the platform. Stretch Goal: increasing time for each user to 25 seconds instead of 10 seconds. -User will utilize mouse to begin game, the left mouse and right mouse to move their paddle horizontally.

Stretch Goal: 1.Building more bubble layers for user to shoot as Levels increment the speed of the ball would also increment. Not successfully reached by developer. 2.Adding second player and player indicators to let users know their score and past score reached.

Summary Thhis was a really fun project that helped me identify unique challenges. I'm happy how it turned out and would like to come back to this project and add levels and speed up the ball for the user. Below are some of the milestones I had to reach to make this game work properly.

  1. Create the platform with three layers of bricks are located at the top platform.
  2. One user currently playing against ball or computer. User will have points counted for target reached.
  3. Movement of ball by using the platform to bounce ball off towards target.
  4. User may bounce ball off the walls except the bottom wall where platform is located.
  5. Paddle and keyboard controls to start button within browser
  6. Game over, next player turn by selecting button within browser
  7. Track the score.
  8. Stretch Goal: Fininshing up, cleaning up for user experience and visual design
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