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Your Portfolio of Apps

At the end of this unit, you are expected to deliver three applications (each in their own github repo):

  • Personal Portfolio Website (this is due a week after the course ends)
  • Rails CRUD Application
  • A Final Project, with the tech stack of your choosing

See below for more details!

Required Applications:

  • Rails CRUD Application with at least 2 tables in your database. (due on 12/12/2017) (Submit this via issue ticket on this repo!)

  • Personal Portfolio Website, which must include:

    • 4-5 Completed Projects with links to the github/deployed version
    • Be under a professional domain name
    • Mobile First Design
    • Clean Commented Code
  • Final Project: See this readme for more details!!


To get through the above requirements will take time management, dedication, and passion. It is also a graduation requirement that all of the tasks above are completed, so make sure to take this seriously.

Every minute over the next couple of weeks must be planned/used wisely, so jump in and make us proud. We believe in you!