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You are currently applying for a Jr. Web Developer Role at McHaha, a revolutionary startup in the heart of New York City that is changing the way Irish-Americans find comedy shows. Click here to read the full job description.

As part of the interview you will do the following:

  • Answer Interview Questions
  • Whiteboard an algorithm
  • Implement a small front end design challenge

Sample Interview Questions

During the interview you will asked several of the following interview questions. In prepration for this write answers for each question so that you can answer them effectively during the interview.

  1. Explain the React lifecycle (important if they put React on their resume)

  2. What does MVC mean? And what’s its purpose in web development?

  3. Explain the difference between a framework and a library?

  4. What does REST stand for? What does it mean?

  5. Name some commonly used design patterns?

  6. What is scope? And explain all the scope levels in JS.

  7. What’s the difference between display: none and visibility: hidden

  8. What is a closure?

  9. What are the different types of functions in JS?

  10. What’s the purpose of semantic markup?


You will be asked to whiteboard one of the following algo's:

  • Reverse A String: reverse a string of text
  • Count Duplicates In An Array: given an array return a count of the number of times a specific item is found
  • Two Sum: Given an array of numbers and a target number return the first two numbers that are the sum of the target number


You will be asked to implement a small design using the following technologies:


Here are some additional resources on common interview questions.