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Where in the World is...

We're going to use what we've learned already about searching with SQL commands, and apply it to chase down and capture an elusive and world-renowned thief, Carmen Sandiego. Follow the clues, use the interweb - write down both the SQL commands /queries you used and your answers to the clues - and figure out where Carmen's headed, so we can catch her and bring her in.



Starter Code:

  • You've been given a world.sql file that you run to import a bunch of data into a SQL database (instructions below).
  • You've been given a clues.sql file that has clues for finding Carmen. Read the clues and record your SQL queries in this file.

Getting Started:

From the command line, create a new database called carmen and populate it with the SQL found in world.sql

# Enter psql

# Create database

# Connect to carmen
\c carmen
\i world.sql


Pro Tip: You can do this in less steps with these commands. Note: this is done from the bash CLI and not the psql CLI

createdb carmen

psql -d carmen -f /your/path/to/this/file/starter-code/world.sql

Then, use the clues below to create the appropriate SQL queries to help you find Carmen and then, tell us where she's heading!!

The Clues 🔍

  • Clue #1: We recently got word that someone fitting Carmen Sandiego's description has been traveling through Southern Europe. She's most likely traveling someplace where she won't be noticed, so find the least populated country in Southern Europe, and we'll start looking for her there.

  • Clue #2: Now that we're here, we have insight that Carmen was seen attending language classes in this country's officially recognized language. Check our databases and find out what language is spoken in this country, so we can call in a translator to work with you.

  • Clue #3: We have new news on the classes Carmen attended: our gumshoes tell us she's moved on to a different country, a country where people speak only the language she was learning. Find out which nearby country speaks nothing but that language.

  • Clue #4: We're booking the first flight out: maybe we've actually got a chance to catch her this time. There are only two cities she could be flying to in the country. One is named the same as the country – that would be too obvious. We're following our gut on this one; find out what other city in that country she might be flying to.

  • Clue #5: Oh no, she pulled a switch: there are two cities with very similar names, but in totally different parts of the globe! She's headed to South America as we speak; go find a city whose name is like the one we were headed to, but doesn't end the same. Find out the city, and do another search for what country it's in. Hurry!

  • Clue #6: We're close! Our South American agent says she just got a taxi at the airport, and is headed towards the capital! Look up the country's capital, and get there pronto! Send us the name of where you're headed and we'll follow right behind you!

  • Clue #7: She knows we're on to her: her taxi dropped her off at the international airport, and she beat us to the boarding gates. We have one chance to catch her, we just have to know where she's heading and beat her to the landing dock.

  • Clue #8 Lucky for us, she's getting cocky. She left us a note, and I'm sure she thinks she's very clever, but if we can crack it, we can finally put her where she belongs – behind bars.

  Our playdate of late has been unusually fun –
  As an agent, I'll say, you've been a joy to outrun.
  And while the food here is great, and the people – so nice!
  I need a little more sunshine with my slice of life.
  So I'm off to add one to the population I find
  In a city of ninety-one thousand and now, eighty five.

Test your code before submission!

  1. You can make your changes in main.js, console.log your variables, save your file then in Terminal run "node main.js".
  2. You can make an account here:, and test your code using this online text editor.
  3. If you setup node as your buildpack in Sublime Text, you can do "CMD+B" to run your code in Sublime Text.

Homework Submission

  • Homework is due at 11PM!

Want to learn more!? 📖

There are a lot of resources on the web!

If you want more on SQL, here are some places to go:

If you want more on ERDs (Entity Relationship Diagram):