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Hangman OOP Game


Fork this repo and clone your fork. Make sure you're doing all the work in your fork. If you did it wrong, delete it and do it right.


Build an OOP Hangman game from scratch.


  • Letters must be guessed with keypresses
  • Track and inform user of guessed letters and letters remaining
  • You must be able to win or lose one round (either guess word correctly or die trying).
  • You must have a game object, a Word class, and event listeners/handlers.
  • There must be no other code in the global scope, everything goes in either the game object, the Word class (or the Letter class if you decide to create one), or event listeners/handlers.
  • You must use either plain vanilla JavaScript or jQuery for all event handling and DOM manipulation, but not both.

Strong Suggestions

  • Functionality to determine if a guess is good could go in game object or might best be split between game object and Word class (i.e. getGuess() in game and checkLetter() in Word (which might also update the data structure, and also call the function that causes the word to reprint itself)).

    • Hint: In addition to changing the Word properties, checkLetter() could return true or false... how might this be useful?
  • Avoid referencing the game object inside the Word class if possible; if something has to do with the game more so than the game, it should go in the game object. You want your Word class to be just word-specific stuff. In general a class should be a totally standalone thing—that you could even drop in and use in another application.

  • Event listers/handlers should call game object methods containing game play logic

  • Do NOT put game logic (checking guesses, updating html, keeping score, etc) in listeners/handlers. Just have your listeners/handlers call game methods.

  • You may or may not want a Letter class.


Here is a loose framework you can start with. Included are comments with notes about ways you might set it up. It is not exhaustive, and you could certainly use a different approach, but it can help you get started.


class Word {
  // avoid referencing the game object inside the Word class if possible
  constructor() {
    // word bank here?
    // choose random word from word bank
    // use it to set up a data structure to track correctly guessed letters
      // maybe an array of objects? // if you use a Letter class, those objects could be instances of that class
  printWord() {
    // update/display the word with letters for correctly guessed letters and underscores for unguessed letters
    // maybe have spaces between the letters/underscores for readability?
  checkLetter() { 
    // see if it's in word, 
    // change data structure appropriately
    // call printWord() on this instance


const game = {
  currentWord: "",
  guessedLetters: [],
  guessesRemaining: 8,
  startGame() {
    // resets guessedLetters
    // resets guessesRemaining
    // call getWord?
  getWord() {
    // instantiate your word class and store it in this object?
    // prompt (using DOM) user to start guessing, or call another method that does this
  showScoreboard() {
    // update/display guessed letters
    // update/display guesses remaining
  processUserGuess() { // perhaps?  

  // what else?
  // some kind of functionality to have game end in loss if they run out of guesses?
  // and to have game end in a win if they guess all the letters correctly?


Hungry for More

  • Keep track of Rounds won and lost.

  • Slice up an image of a little man and have his parts appear like a traditional hangman game!

  • Research Canvas here and here and make the little man be done using Canvas graphics