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Adding an upstream remote


You forked a repo and brought a copy down locally. You've done some work and you want to keep it. However - there's a change on the master you want to bring down to your machine. How do you do it?

Add an upstream remote

Git Instructions for adding a new remote


  • From the command line navigate to your local git repository

  • Make sure to backup your current status

    git add .

    git commit -m "Message"

    git push

  • In your browser navigate to the repo you want to pull from (e.g. class pages)

    • Copy the clone link
    • In the command line add the following command with the clone url

    git add remote upstream <url>

    • You've told the command line the following

      • git - From git
      • add - we're going to add something
      • remote - a new remote
      • upstream - It's a conventional name for the repo before your fork. However, you can name this anything you want
      • The url you want to link to
    • Now you've added your new repo!

    • Let's verify it by running

    git remote -v

    • If you're seeing both your forked repo and the class repo urls next to origin and upstream - then you've succeeded!

To get new class information make sure you've first updated your local against your forked repo then running

git pull upstream master

You've just told git to fetch and merge any new files from the upstream repo at the master head.