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Your Development Environment

Unit 1, Flex

Materials We Provide

Topic Description Link
Lesson Two part lesson, outlined below Here
Practice Activity Jupyter Notebook Practice Here
Practice Solutions Jupyter Notebook Solutions Here
Extra Materials Source Materials Adapted For This Lesson Here

Learning Objectives

By the end of this lesson, students will be able to:

Part 1 : Using the Command Line

  • Create folders and files using the command line (mkdir, touch).
  • Change directories and list directory content (cd, ls).
  • Check the current working directory (pwd).

Part 2 : Introduction to Git

  • Use and explain common Git commands, including init, add, commit, push, pull, and clone.
  • Distinguish between local and remote repositories.
  • Create, copy, and delete repositories locally or on GitHub.
  • Clone remote repositories.
  • Establish Secure Shell connections to remote repositories.

Student Requirements

Before this lesson(s), students should already be able to:

Lesson Outline

Instructor Note: The Jupyter Notebook Practice can be used as a take-home practice assignment. Students often do not understand Git right away, so the majority of this lesson will be understanding and practicing Git.

Outline: Part 1 (Using the Command Line)

70 mins

  • Introduction
  • Command Line (10 mins)
  • Paths/Navigating (20 mins)
  • Editing and Examining Files (10 mins)
  • Finding Files (10 mins)
  • Independent Practice (10 mins)
  • Intro to IDEs (10 mins)
  • Conclusion

Outline: Part Two (Git and GitHub)

100 mins

  • Introduction
  • Git Basics (15 mins)
  • Codealong: Let's Git into it! (20 mins)
  • Setting up Accounts: GitHub & GitHub Enterprise Accounts (10 mins)
  • Codealong: Creating and Cloning Repos (20 mins)
  • Codealong: Create a Pull Request on GitHub: (15 mins)
  • Secure Shell(SSH) (10 mins)
  • Independent Practice (10 mins)
  • Conclusion

Additional Resources

For more information on this topic, check out the following resources: