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Python Foundations

Unit 1: Required

Materials We Provide

Topic Description Link
Lesson (Beginner) Part 1: Data Types Part One
Lesson (Intermediate) Part 2: Control Flow Part Two
Practice Practice: Part 1: Data Types here
Practice: Part 2: Functions here
(Intermediate, Bonus) Practice: IMDB Intro Lab here
Solutions Sample Solutions for Blanked Out Lesson Demo Data Types
Sample Solutions: Part 1, Practice Practice: Data Types
Sample Solutions: Part 2, Practice Practice: Functions
Sample Solutions: Bonus Lab IMDB Lab
Source Materials Original files used to create this lesson Here

Learning Objectives

By the end of this lesson, students will be able to:

Part 1: Python Data Types

  • Discuss Python as a programming language.
  • Define integers, strings, tuples, lists, and dictionaries.
  • Demonstrate arithmetic operations and string operations.
  • Demonstrate variable assignment.

Part 2: Python Iteration, Control Flows, and Functions

  • Define Python control flow and conditional programming.
  • Implement for and while loops to iterate through data structures.
  • Apply if, else conditional statements.
  • Create functions to perform repetitive actions.
  • Demonstrate error handling using try, except statements.
  • Use Python control flow and functions to help us parse, clean, edit and analyze data sets.

Student Requirements

Before this lesson(s), students should already be able to:

  • Recall and define common Python data types.

Lesson Outline

Instructor Note: This material may be challenging to get through if students are new to programming. Expect students to struggle with for loops and functions — you likely will have to do these exercises as a code-along. If time is left over, there is practice on the Coffee Preferences data set. If not, students can use it for more practice at home.

Part 1 : Python Data Types (90 min)

  • Why Python? (5 min)
  • Introduction to Data Types (10 min)
  • Jupyter Notebook (5 min)
  • Python Variables (5 min)
  • Operators (10 min)
  • Integers and Floats (5 min)
  • Strings (10 min)
  • Lists (10 min)
  • Tuples (5 min)
  • Dictionaries (10 min)
  • Importing Packages and Documentation (5 min)
  • Practice With a Partner (10 min)

Part 2 : Python Iterations, Control Flow, and Functions (80 min)

  • If... Else Statements (10 min)
  • Iterating With For Loops (30 min — consider mostly doing as a code-along)
  • Functions (30 min — consider mostly doing as a code-along)
  • While Loops (10 min)
  • Practice control flow on Coffee Preference data set (if time remains, otherwise practice at home)
  • Conclusion

Additional Resources

For more information on this topic, check out the following resources: