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JS-SF-12 web portal

(forked from FEWD: Static Webportal)

A web portal for assistance teaching General Assembly's part-time Frontend Web Development (FEWD) course. Can easibly be adapted for JavaScript Development (JSD) or other part-time classes and workshops.

An example of this project is hosted at http://gafewd.surge.sh/.

Slides corresponding to this repo can be found here: https://github.com/cheshireoctopus/gafewd-notes.

Recommended Setup:

  1. Replace instructor images in img/
  2. Add page tracking scripts (eg Google Analytics) in js/analytics.js
  3. Update <a> in pages/notes.html to point to your notes
  4. Create a materials directory to hold class materials and homework
  5. Create a notes directory to hold your notes

Please feel free to fork your own class. Contributions are welcome 👍

Design by Maria Stegner.