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JavaScript Development Homework Repository

Office hours with Sasha (@sasha on Slack):
Mondays & Wednesdays from 5:15-6:15, located in the common area to the left of the front desk.

How To Use This Repo

This is the repository where you'll submit your homework.
To set up this repository:

  1. Fork this repository (in your browser).
  2. Follow the instructions in your browser to clone your fork to your ~/JSD folder.
  3. Create a directory in the JS-SF-14-homework folder using your first name, a dash, and your GitHub Enterprise account name (for instance, Sasha-vodnik). That will make it easier for me to remember everyone's github name. :)
  4. For each homework assignment, make sure to copy over the Homework-# directory from your start files to your named homework directory.

Example of how your local homework directory should be structured:

|-- JSD/
    |-- JS-SF-14-homework/ (cloned from GitHub Enterprise)
        |-- firstName-githubUsername/
            |-- Homework-1/
                |- 99-bottles-of-beer
                |- fizzbuzz
            |-- Homework-2/
                |- temp-converter
            |-- Homework-3/
                |- json-homework
                |- object-homework
            |-- Homework-4/
            |-- Homework-5/

Weekly Homework

Homework will be assigned on Wednesdays, due the following Sunday night.
If any files are in the pull request outside of your personal folder, I will send it back to you to fix!

Submit homework by pushing to your fork of the JS-SF-14-homework repo, then submit a pull request