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Front End Web Development 64

Final Project Milestones

Final Project Requirements

# Date Milestone
1 Tuesday, May 22 Project Ideas
2 Tuesday, June 5 Wireframes
3 Tuesday, June 12 Start HTML & CSS rough draft
4 Tuesday, June 19 HTML & CSS rough draft
5 Tuesday, July 3 Start JavaScript rough draft
6 Tuesday, July 10 JavaScript rough draft
7 Thursday, July 12 Final project presentations

Homework Assignments

all assignments due at 11:59pm on the due date

# Due Date Assignment
1 Sunday, May 13 About Me & Portfolio pages
2 Sunday, May 20 Monument Magazine Blog
3 Monday, May 28 Monument Magazine Landing Page
4 Sunday, June 24 Rock Paper Scissors & Select Fun

Homework Assignment 1

Due Date May 13, 2018 at 11:59pm
  • Make your own portfolio site. (Feel free to use the portfolio folder in the starter code as a starting point.)
  • Use the exercises we’ve done together in class as a reference
  • Share tips with your classmates and ask questions in the #homework channel on Slack.
  1. Create a zip file containing all the files in your site
  2. Rename your zip file to include your name (like
  3. On Slack, create a direct message to Sasha & Aurielle, add your zip file, and send it to us.

Homework Assignment 2

Due Date May 20, 2018 at Midnight
  1. Finish the Monument Blog we started in class.

    • Update the GitHub Enterprise repo you created in class with your finished files, and Slack a link to your repo to Aurielle & Sasha.
    • Technical requirements:
    • Bonus tasks:
      • Style the aside section as shown in mocks_medium.png.
      • Add the header background image shown in mocks_advanced.png.
      • Add FontAwesome icons to the footer as shown in mocks_advanced.png.
      • Add a hover effect to the navigation items as shown in bonus_hover.gif.
      • Do some research on browser prefixes. What are they and why should they be used? Implement in your code.
  2. Reading

Homework Assignment 3

Due Date May 28, 2018 at Midnight
  1. Finish the Monument landing page we started in class.

    • Create a new GitHub Enterprise repo named FEWD-SF-64-Homework-3, upload your finished files, then Slack a link to your repo to Aurielle & Sasha.
    • Technical requirements:
      • Add the Google fonts identified in the mock.
      • Add the FontAwesome icons.
      • Structure the HTML using HTML5 semantic elements.
      • Add basic styles shown in monument_lab.png.
      • Create the multicolumn layout shown in the mock.
      • Use indentation in your HTML and CSS files to make your code readable.
      • Use HTML and CSS validators to check for errors before submitting.
    • Bonus tasks:
      • Add a hover effect to anchors, buttons, social media icons (see navigation animation and button animation). Extra bonus: Look up "transition effect hover CSS” to add a smoother transition to hover effects.
      • Create a fixed background effect on scroll for header image (see animation). Google “background-attachment CSS”
      • Turn the nav into a "sticky nav" so that it stays fixed while the user scrolls (see animation). Google “position CSS”
      • Add an effect to the images in the gallery on hover (see animation).
      • Implement "Jump Links" so that clicking on a nav item jumps you to that section of the page. Google “Jump Links HTML”

Homework Assignment 4

Due Date June 4, 2018 at Midnight

Final Project Wireframes

Deliverables (Slack zip file to Sasha & Aurielle):
  • Descriptive overview
  • Project wireframes
Technical Requirements:
  • Project overview consists of a couple of paragraphs describing your project.
  • Wireframes
    • are drawn or computer rendered.
    • illustrate what you'd like to do for your final project.
    • contain detailed annotations describing what each part of each page will do.
How to create wireframes:
  • Option 1: Use a tool like for creating wireframes.
  • Option 2: Draw out wireframes and scan or take a picture of them.
  • Option 3: Designer? Feel free to use Photoshop/InDesign/etc. to create wireframes.
Examples of wireframes:

Example 1 Example 2 Example 3 Example 4 Example 5


Class 1: Intro to HTML (5/8)



Class 2: Intro to CSS (5/10)



Class 3: CSS Selectors (5/15)



Class 4: CSS Selectors, continued (5/17)


Class 5: Layout (5/22)



Class 6: Layout Lab (5/24)



Class 7: Grid Systems & Responsive Design (5/29)


Class 8: CSS Positioning (5/31)


Class 9: Forms (6/5)

Class 10: Final Project Lab (6/7)

Class 11: Intro to JavaScript (6/12)

Class 12: Functions (6/14)

Class 13: jQuery (6/19)

Class 14: Interactions Lab (6/21)

Class 15: Interactions Lab (cont'd) (6/26)

Class 16: Final Project Lab (6/28)

Class 17: Interactions Lab II (7/3)

Class 18: Advanced JavaScript (7/5)

Class 19: Final Project Lab (7/10)

Class 20: Presentations (7/12)