First Lab! Command Line!
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HOMEWORK: Command Line & Reading!!


It's time for your first WDI LAB!!

This Lab has two parts:


  1. Fork the hw repo.

This copies the repository from the wdi-goat account to your account


  1. Your username should now appear before the name of the repo.

This copy is yours, changes you make will be pushed here, unless specified...

Your fork

  1. To add your answers. Click on and press edit. (pencil icon)
  2. Highlight the area where it says "paste your command" and add the answer to the question.
  3. To save your changes, scroll to the bottom and press "Commit changes".

🚀 Your Lab submission should include:

  • A filled out
  • A filled out
  • THIS ONE TIME ONLY: Slack a link to your repo to @taka.

(This is not how you will submit homework or lab assignments in the future.)

This Lab is due 🚨 11PM ON MONDAY NIGHT!! 🚨