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Reddit Clone – MERN stack

Building a Reddit clone using the popular MERN (Mongo – Express – React – Node) stack.



  1. git clone this repo
  2. Install all dependencies for both the front-end and back-end
  3. Make sure MongoDB is running (mongod), then start your Node and React servers
    • Back-end and front-end servers should be running on separate ports, in separate Terminal tabs
  4. Ensure both servers are up and running by visiting their existing endpoints in your browser
  5. Take a look around:
    • BACK-END: What routes, models, and controllers have been set up? What kind of database is it connecting to?
    • FRONT-END: What components have been set up?
  6. Install nodemon and change your npm start for the back-end to run nodemon server.js


Creating TextPost resource

  1. Create a TextPost model that contains title, content, thumbnail_image_url, votes, comments (comments should be an array of (embedded)[] Comment models)
  2. Add the following API CRUD routes for Posts
    • /api/posts – GET, POST
    • /api/posts/:post_id – GET, PUT, DELETE
  3. Fill out the Posts controller using Mongoose queries – good review / reference here
  4. Add to your seed.js file to create a Post – verify that it shows up at the appropriate endpoint
  5. Use POSTMAN to confirm that the other CRUD routes are working as well (PUT, DELETE)

Creating Comment resource

  1. Create a Comment model that contains content, votes
  2. Add the following API CRUD routes for Comments
    • /api/posts/:post_id/comments – POST
    • /api/posts/:post_id/comments/:comment_id – GET, PUT, DELETE
  3. Fill out the Comments controller using Mongoose queries
  4. Add to your seed.js file to create a Comment, attached to a Post you've created – verify that it shows up at the appropriate endpoint
  5. Use POSTMAN to confirm that the other CRUD routes are working as well (PUT, DELETE)

Verifying Data Creation

  1. Use POSTMAN to create two Posts
  2. Use POSTMAN to create two Comments, both attached to the first Post you created
  3. Populate the seed.js file to automate data seeding


Setting up React

  1. Go to your React app's homepage – poke around the src/ directory to make sure you know why the UI is showing up as it is
  2. Pull in react-router-dom to implement the following routes – just put in some dummy text to confirm your React routes are working, before implementing full functionality:
    • / routes to home page (/pages/HomePage.js). Displays all my posts' titles, their thumbnail images, and their votes count.
    • /posts/:post_id routes to each TextPost's show page (/pages/SinglePostPage.js). Displays that post's content, attached comments, and form for adding comments (implement comments & form later)
  3. Think about what will live in the state for each page – each page is basically a container, like <Twitter/> and TodosContainer
    • <HomePage/> will probably store all posts in its state, like we stored this.state = { allTweets: [] } in <Twitter/>, or this.state = { allTodos: [] } in <TodosContainer/> = <SinglePostPage/> will probably have all the details for a post in its state
  4. Think about what components each page will contain
    • What API requests will each page make
  5. Think about the HTTP request library you'd like to use to fetch data from your Node API endpointments (e.g. $.ajax, fetch, axios, etc.). I recommend fetch because it is available to you without installing any dependencies. It is also widely accepted as the go-to AJAX call library to use with React.

Fetch documentation here; great reference material here.

Fetch GET request:

fetch('http://localhost:8080/api/posts').then((res) => {
  return res.json();
}).then((json) => {
  // do stuff with the JSON you get back here

Fetch POST request:

fetch('http://localhost:8080/api/posts', {  
  method: 'POST',
  headers: {
    'Accept': 'application/json',
    'Content-Type': 'application/json',
  body: JSON.stringify({
    title: 'my new post title',
    content: 'my new post content',
    thumbnail_image_url: 'some_url',
    votes: 3,
    comments: []
}).then((res) => {
    return res.json()
}).then((json) => {
    // do stuff with the JSON you get back here

Implementing User Stories

  1. User should see all posts on the home page (BONUS: rank them in descending order by votes)
  2. User should be able to click on a "Create Post" button and see a modal or navigate to a new page to create a new Post
  3. User should be able to vote on a post
  4. User should be able to create a Comment on a Post
  5. User should be able to vote on a Comment
  6. User should be able to comment on a comment (requires changing the Comment model's schema)


  1. Create a LinkPost resource
    • Another kind of post a Reddit user can upload (simply links to an external link, e.g. news article or imgur page)
    • Model should contain fields title, link_url, thumbnail_image_url, votes,
    • Can also leave Comments on a LinkPost
  2. Create a User resource
    • Model should contain fields first_name, last_name, email, and password_hash
    • Implement authentication
    • Both Post and Comment should have author_id (views should include author names)
  3. Implement a SubReddit model
    • Should have name and slug (e.g. 'Software Engineering', 'software-engineering')
    • Post should have a subreddit_id
    • There should be a React route for going to subreddit routes (e.g. /r/software-engineering)