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My trip planner

User story

This application is for traveler who needs to plan and manage budget and itinerary. Once user create the plan profile, user can plan each day, and also can calculate how much the trip cost by per person. Also, user can share thier trip plans with other users so they can get or give some tips from other users.

login/register page

User can login if they have account or otherwise, they can register by clicking register button. The form will pop up on the bottom. User should have unique email address (for easy test, currently, it doesn't have to be unique email)

Main page

User can see my plan list on the left side and other user's plan list on the right side. If the plan is made by user, then the plan will be shown both side of list. And also, user can edit, delete if they are plan owner. on the right side of top, use can go or go back to main page, create plan page, my account page, login/register page(log out)

My account page

User can edit, or delete their account in profile page

Create plan page

User create trip plan profile page. It will collect information such as trip name, how many people will be with user, and trip duration, trip date etc. Once user finish to create profile, the page will move to the create itinerary plan list and budget plan list.

create itinerary plan list and budget plan list page

once itinerary plan is created, the plan will display on the bottom of the form and it will order by date. user can delete if they don't like it. once budget plan is created, its price will be caculate automatically and will show if the total of item lists are over or less than budget that user created on create plan page.

there is button that user can go back to main page in anytime.

log out button

once user click logout button, they will go back to login/register page and without login, user can go any page of this app.

Forthcoming features

by using trip advisor(or any other tirp web) api, give a recommandation of hotels, cars, things to do, thing to eat etc. by user's destination. design and layout make check box to item list, so that user can mark.