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# project-1
Project 1 Game

1. Game info
Name : Hamburger maker
How to play :
- click start button
- then in the upper left side box, customer's request order will pop up.
- there are six options(bun, lettuce, patty, tomato, cheese, mayonaise).
- the player can see those ingredients in cook station(grey color at the bottom of the screen).
- click the ingridients by following customer's requests.
- if the player click right, then each ingridient will place and overwrap in the tray(red color at the center of the screen)
- but if the player click wrong, ingridient will not move to tray. Instead, they are shaking.
- the player should click burgerman whenever burger is made in order to get next customer's order request.
- once the game starts, timer begins and the player should make given number of burgers in limited time.
- once the player finish to make given number of burgers within given time, then the upper left side box will switch to the message "congrats" and next button to move next level
- if they were not able to compelete mission then the upper left side box will switch to the message "try again?" and replay button to go back to next level.

2. user stories & wireframes

3. technologies

In this project, I use Html, CSS, and JavaScript(jQuery).

4. unsolved problems
- I need to reset the game when it moves to next level. I need to find solution that how to reset game when it moves to the next level.
- I need to make code simple. They are not reapeatable but they are not resuable too. I need to add some skills to make it short.
- I need to rename variable names. They are not easy and clear.

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