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<title>Joe Johnson</title>
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<h1>Joe Johnson</h1>
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<p>I recently graduated from a Front-End Web Development course at General Assembly where I learned HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery and how to be an awesome Front-End Web Developer! During my spare time, I enjoy senior water aerobics, pickling, and spending time with my goldfish, Jerry.</p>
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<li>General Assembly — FEWD 2015</li>
<li>College of Soft Knocks — B.S. 2009</li>
<li>School of Hard Knocks — 2005 (Honors)</li>
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<li>Web Developer, Relaxr 2015 - present
Developed a multi-column layout blog, landing page, and contact forms that render on mobile devices.</li> <br/>
<div class="portfolio"> <img class="image-portfolio" src="relaxr_deliverable.png"></div>
<li>Web Developer, Startup Matchmaker 2015 - present
Used a design team's wireframes to develop this company's responsive homepage.</li> <br/>
<div class="portfolio"> <img class="image-portfolio" src="startup_matchmaker_deliverable.png"></div>
<li>Web Developer, CitiPix 2015 – present
Built web app prototype that allows users to store and quickly retrieve photos using keywords.</li> <br/>
<div class="portfolio"> <img class="image-portfolio" src="citipix_deliverable.png"></div>
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