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Game Logic

3 in a row ⇒ x and y coordinates meet certain conditions.

Create two arrays for each player, one for X coordinate and one for Y coordinate.

Each round, the player's coordinates are popped into their arrays.

Check user's arrays each round, if either array contains 1 & 2 & 3 AND the other array contains the same number, OR both arrays contains 1 & 2 & 3 the player has won.

The above does not work as it breaks when there are more than 3 rounds of play for each player.

NEW Logic: Assign an index number to each of the 9 tiles. List out all 8 possible winning tile combinations as arrays. Each time a tile is clicked, its index number is pushed to the player's tile array. When the player's tile array contains a winning combo, announce the player as the winner. If all tiles have been clicked, announce the result as a draw.



Australian Prime Ministers.

Game Flow

Players are greeted with a Player Selection screen to select one of four character of opponents (a prime minister they would like to topple). This opponent will be Player 2.

Click on an avatar to display info related to that PM. Click Let's Spill to enter the game.

Player 1 is assigned a character based on that choice (the successor to the chosen PM) and will be the first to move. Player making the next move is highlighted each round.

A Breaking News banner will appear as the first move it made, and updated with each move. It will display the result of the game once it has been reached.

Click on Try Again at anytime during the game to keep current player selections and restart the game. Click on New Game at anytime during the game to return to the Player Selection screen.


Kevin Rudd Image | Crikey

Julia Gillard Image | Daily Telegraph

Tony Abott Image |

Malcom Turnbull Image | Australian Golf Digest

Scott Morrison Image | MSN


  • Game can start without choosing a player.
  • Breaking News no longer appears once game is reset.


  • Write blurb for each character.
  • Display Player 2 name on set-up screen.
  • Varied Breaking News content with each step.
  • Refract game start / reset code.
  • Centre the game to the viewport.


  1. Let computer control Player 2 (defending PM).
  2. Additional Visual Elements
  3. Add a Twitter feed #auspol for all views except mobile.

Additional Visual Elements

Kangaroos, koalas, lattes, avocado, The Age, Courier Mail...

Each row or column is marked with something that influenced the leadership spills... media, senate, etc