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Datasets & NumPy
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Lucy Williams

Datasets & NumPy


Note: This can be a pair programming activity or done independently.

From previous days you're already familiar with:

  • Fundamental python concepts
  • Iteration and looping
  • Manipulation of dictionaries and lists
  • Functions

Today we've added a lot more concepts on top of that:

  • Numpy and scipy statistics functions
  • List comprehensions
  • Reading in csv files with python
  • Basic statistical concepts on descriptive statistics and distributions

In this lab you're going to combine everything we've learned so far!


starter code

Lab 3.4 Starter Code

  • Load the "sales_data.csv" with python
  • Construct a dictionary version of the data, with keys as column names and values as column data
  • Write a function to describe measures of central tendency and measures of variance for the data
  • Plot the data distributions and think about the skewness (or symmetry) of the data.