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Nelsons Bartending Manual

Project Schedule

Day Deliverable Status
Day 1 Scaffolding REST Backend Done
Day 2 Functioning Crud Done
Day 3 Stretch goal Auth/ Scaffolding Frontend Done
Day 4 Rendering Frontend functionality Done
Day 5 Styling Frontend Done
Day 6 Deployment Done
Day 7 Auth Front-end Done
Day 8 Present Incomplete

Project Description

This is a tool for browsing a catalog of drinks based off of a customers preference in style of cocktail. This idea was made with a constant need for reference as a cocktail enthusiast and former bartender to help remember drinks based off their respective families.


Priority Matrix


  • Build full CRUD REST API
  • Render REST API data on to page
  • Redirection via React Router by ID
  • Styling for Desktop view


  • User authentication
  • GraphQL for Query endpoints
  • Image upload
  • Exapnd cocktail models further down to have sub family properties ei: Shaken: is_buck: true

Architectural Design


These models will change in the future and become much more expansive as the project moves on from the scope of this cohort

UI Components

Component Description
Landing This page is static data and sits there to greet the user
Nav This component will live on every page and link to all other pages
Cocktail Categories This page will be a list of cocktail families
Cocktail List This page will make a GET request and display a list of cocktails depending on the respective categori
CocktailCard This page will make a GET request display and individual cocktail based on ID and render it's info
Cocktail edit Component is responsible for making a PATCH or DELETE request to the API and display a form
Search Renders a form for a simple query request to the API and renders a CocktailList
Ingredients Renders static list of data for ingredients used in Cocktails and how to make them


Component Priority Estimated Time Actual Time
API scaffolding H 3hrs 1hrs
Fully fleshing out endpoints H 10hrs 10hrs
Scaffolding Frontend H 3hrs 1hrs
Rendering data to frontend H 10hrs 5
Styling frontend H 14hrs
Deployment H 8hrs 3hrs
Feeding the cocktail info into the DB H 6hrs
Total H 54hrs

Helper Functions


Function Description
Capitalize This will capitalize the first letter in a string of text

Additional Libraries

Library What it Does
Nestjs Used as a backend framework for Express to provide a clean architecture, prototype:
TypeScript Imported with NestJS and used for typechecking and general overall workflow:
Styled-Components Used for styling the frontend. Provides a nice component based styling system:
TypeORM Import from NestJS as well provides a controlled type interface to communicate with the Database:
MaterialUI Optional might used based on wether I need to import UI components for a smoother interaction:

Code Snippet

Use this section to include a brief code snippet of functionality that you are proud of an a brief description


function reverse(string) {
	// here is the code to reverse a string of text
}<h1 align="center">Project 4 Prompt</h1>

## Change Log

Use this section to document what changes were made and the reasoning behind those changes.

#### SAMPLE.....

| Original Plan           |                                           Outcome                                            |
| ----------------------- | :------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------: |
| Have one Book component | Split that component into BookInfo and BookInteraction as the component grew too complicated |

## Issues and Resolutions

Use this section to list of all major issues encountered and their resolution.

#### SAMPLE.....

**ERROR**: app.js:34 Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier
**RESOLUTION**: Missing comma after first object in sources {} object