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How To Deploy you API to Heroku
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Heroku Setup for your ExpressJS API

How To Deploy your ExpressJS API to Heroku

If you don't have a Heroku account sign up for it at (

Initialize your app

heroku create your-heroku-app-name

Re-init your git

git init

make sure you set up your heroku path

heroku git:remote -a your-heroku-app-name

set your buildpack to nodejs

heroku buildpacks:set heroku/nodejs
heroku addons:create heroku-postgresql:hobby-dev --app=your-heroku-app-name

check your status in case you need to commit

git status
git commit -am "add any pending changes"
git push heroku master
heroku run npx sequelize-cli db:migrate
heroku run npx sequelize-cli db:seed:all

possible errors:

app crashed at '/' or '/api' might be caused by not having a start script in your package.json

also "nodemon server.js" needs to be changed to "node server.js" since you specified nodejs as your buildpack

common error codes

( (

ERROR: Application not supported by 'heroku/nodejs' buildpack

You need to add node version to your .JSON

node --version

Add to PACKAGE.JSON under description:

  "engines": {
    "node": "13.2.0"

Heroko doesn't seem to like it when you're not pushing from master branch

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