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Data Science: Final Project

Capstone Project for Data Science

Materials We Provide

Topic Description Link
Requirements Final project deliverable descriptions Here
Sample Topics Curated project dataset suggestions Here

Note: Due to variability in student project selection, sample solutions are not provided. However, you can find a wide range of prior project examples in our GA Gallery.

Good Sources for Datasets: UCI Machine Learning and Kaggle

Project Objective(s)


Our final project asks you to apply your skills to a business problem of your choice. The capstone is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your new skills and tackle a pressing issue relevant to your team, division, or organization. You’ll generate a hypothesis, analyze internal data, and generate a working model, prototype, solution, or recommendation.


You will get structured guidance and designated time to work throughout the course. Final project deliverables include:

  • Project Proposal: Describe your chosen problem and whether you have access to relevant data.
  • Project Brief: Share a brief summary of your initial analysis and next steps in order to get assistance from your instructional team.
  • Technical Notebook: Submit a cleanly formatted Jupyter notebook (or other files) documenting your code and process for technical/peer stakeholders.
  • Presentation: Present a summary of your business problem, approach, and recommendation to an audience of non-technical executive stakeholders.

Project Resources

(Suggested) Project Schedule

  • Project 1: Due @ End of Unit 1
  • Project 2: Due @ End of Unit 2
  • Project 3: Due @ End of Unit 3
  • Project 4 (Final):
    • Proposal + Dataset: Due @ End of Unit 2
    • Initial EDA Brief: Due @ End of Unit 3
    • Technical Report: Due @ End of Unit 4
    • Presentation: Due @ End of Unit 4


For all deliverables, requirements will be evaluated on a simple point scale of 0, 1, or 2. Additionally, instructors will provide you with feedback on required portions of your project.

Score Expectations
0 Incomplete.
1 Does not meet expectations.
2 Meets expectations, good job!
3 Surpasses our wildest expectations!

Note: Scores of 2 mean that a requirement has been completely fulfilled, while 3 is typically reserved for bonus objectives.

Project Submission

Instructors will explain how to submit project deliverables. Depending on the deliverable, this may be done by:

  • Creating a repository in your github profile, hosting your materials, and sharing a link with your instructor.
  • Creating a document or slide deck/PDF to share with an audience.