figuring out the infinite grid challenge
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Lauren Inacio

figuring out the infinite grid challenge


Helpful Source: based solution on this,



Initial values of x and y would be 0 and that is where we would start. Store this information in a data type, string.

"Something like: initial pos: x = 0 y = 0 Position = [x,y] Position2 = [x,y]"

Next, create functions that will count the patterns of arrows, that also tally the movements....and final endpoint.

Finally, create a function that takes and compares the value inside the arrays of the global variables of position one and position two.


I'm glad that I can go over a solution in a repo and try to make sense of it as I wrote out a possible solution to the pizza problem.


Without the sourced repo to reference I would be lost.

Comfort: 1/5

Completion: Finished w. pseudocode