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  • Problem

    • With the growing amount of outlets engaged in a desperate fight for readers and subscribers legacy news outlets are fighting with social media and digital-native news outlets for the role as the most popular platform for news consumption.
  • Goal

    • Design a clean, elegant and fairly sleek product for the ‘Headlines’ app that provides its users with a fresh way to consume national news and drives users to use ‘Headlines’ as their main news platform.
  • Resource

    • - Allows you to get breaking news headlines, and search for articles from over 30,000 news sources and blogs.
  • Research Method

    • 1:1 interviews
      • Questions
        • Age:
        • Occupation:
        • Question 1: What website or applications do you use to consume local and nation news? (List top three)
        • Question 2: What is your main goal when visiting your preferred news website or application?
        • Question 3: What element of the presented content are you most attracted to? (Image, Text, Color
        • Question 4: What obstacles do you encounter while attempting to consume the news?
        • Question 5: Are there any improvements you would like to see made to the websites or applications in which you use to consume news?
        • Question 6: What haven’t we asked you today that you think would be valuable for us to know?