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Why did you choose this subject?

We chose the subject of PHP because many of the jobs we are seeking have PHP in the preference among other languages. It is a preferred language with my SQL databases and it will give us a competitive edge in the job market.

##How were you first made aware of it? We were first made aware of PHP when we first started looking for jobs online.

What problem does it solve?

Programming syntax can be hard to familiarize yourself with, and libraries can lack functionality. Some of these languages can be expensive to set up a server and some start at 1600 to get a server running.

How does it solve the problem (conceptually)?

PHP is a highly capable language with many built in functions that can be executed rapidly. PHP is also free to use and is recognized across many platforms like Linux, Mac, Windows. PHP also has a large user community to help with debugging.

Why does one use it?

A user might choose to use PHP because it allows the developers to write dynamically and it modifies the HTML from the server side.

What are the alternatives?

CGI/Perl, ASP, Java

What is it similar to, if anything?

PHP is similar to Perl but it is better because it can do almost everything that Perl can only quicker and easier. PHP doesn’t need a CGI program handle each page request like Perl does. Instead it integrates with the users Web server and operates in a much more efficient manner.

What is the history of this technology?

###Who built it and why? PHP was originally created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994. It was called Personal Home Page. He wasn’t planning on creating a whole new programming language. He created it so that he could monitor his online resume and personal information. In 1997 Zeev Suraski and Andi Gutmans got on board, and they changed the name to HyperText Preprocessor.

Who is maintaining it?

PHP is maintained by the development community that uses it. You can get involved in the maintenance by going to

What is your opinion on the technology after having built something with it?

You must be vey careful when programming in this language. Semi colons are imperative but as long as you don’t forget them, the language is relatively simple to learn. Especially if this is your first language.

What are the biggest conceptual hurdles (if any) you encountered when researching this?

PHP is designed to be programmer friendly. But that also makes it difficult to understand for non programming minds.

What resources do you recommend for interested students?

What article or forum was most helpful to you in learning this?

Wikipedia, W3 Schools, Quora, Learn

What are 3 interview questions one might be asked about this technology?

What are the advantages of learning to program with PHP? How can using PHP help to cut down on costs for this organization? How do you concatenate using PHP?