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A peer to peer powertool rental service in which people can list their powertool and renters can rent from their neighbor's toolbox.


Project Schedule

Day Deliverable Status
Day 1 Project Proposal / Approval / Pseudocode Incomplete
Day 2 Start scaffolding backend and endpoints working for listings and users. Test backend. Incomplete
Day 3 If needed, complete backend, create scaffolding for frontend, gather logo and icons. Display listings on screen Incomplete
Day 4 MAKE IT VISUALLY APPEALING! Style the app with theme colors and icons Incomplete
Day 5 Code in user auth and checkout capability. Be at MVP Incomplete
Day 6 Tie loose ends. If more styling is needed, that will take priority over the day. Otherwise, putting focus on an additional feature like a map display. Incomplete
Day 7 Presentation day Incomplete

Project Description

The final version of Powertools.rental will be simular to: -

In which a product is rented in a peer to peer format.


Here is the home page for the app:

Mobile home Desktop

Priority Matrix

Priority Matrix


  • CRUD database with seeded data
  • Search for powertool kits by location and category
  • User auth
  • Show listings
  • AWS picture hosting


  • Make reservations
  • Admin privaliges
  • Map functionality with listings and locations
  • Native app

Architectural Design




UI Components

Component Description
Landing Prompts a signup or login
SignUpForm Form to collect user information and POST into database
SignIn Sign in propmt
App Home page
Nav Links to all parts of the app
Search Search form to GET from database
CreateListing Form to create listing and POST into database
Listing Renders search results
ListCard Renders each result in a clickable link
ListingDetails Where you can reserve and read more about the listing
UserProfile Where User can update their listing and profile


Component Priority Estimated Time Actual Time
Creating scaffolding for backend H 1.5hrs
Adding controllers H 1hrs
testing controllers H 1hrs
create operational routes H 1hrs
test routes H 1hrs
add seed data to database H 2hrs
Create scaffolding for client side app H 2hrs
Create form for user auth and JWT H 2hrs
test user auth H 1hrs
Create search form and display GET request H 2hrs
Work with AWS to have hosted pictures on listings H 1hrs
Create form for POSTing new listings H 2hrs
Create user profile section with ability to UPDATE/DELETE user listings H 2hrs
Work on Styling the site H 6hrs
Total H 28hrs

Code Snippet

function nothing(written) {
	return something soon...
    //--- Potential Libraries to use ---------
    //react strap

Change Log

Nov 7, 2019 - Create
Nov 8, 2019 - Simplified the projecto to reflect changes suggested team lead Michael Stromer

Issues and Resolutions

Api wouldn't work

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