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This is my platform game. PLAYER IT HERE:

The player is a walrus that needs to jump on platforms up to the star.

If the player gets to the star, they win.

If they run into the eagle, the rocket, or a fireball, they lose.

This uses collision detection on the canvas element. Since canvas has an x and y position for each object, if two objects have vectors equal to zero, then those objects collided. However, this would check for center collision. To check for side collision the widths and heights must be added into the vectors.

My graphics rely on using the methods rect() and clearRect() from canvas. These draw 2-D rectangles on the screen. Separate objects are given the same corresponding coordinates and drawn on the canvas with drawImage, which are then checked for collisions.

Checking if the player and an object collide uses a loop that goes over all of the existing objects. This seems like an inefficient way to do collision detection but it works with a program this size.

Moving enemies are put into the game by changing thier objects coordinates each animation frame.

To make this game better, moving platforms could be added. Adding circular or elliptical movement to enemy objects would make this harder and more interesting. Adding new features in general is the next stage. For instance, jumping on top of an enemy (having a bottom collision) could beat the enemy. Another aspect is graphics. Using symbols that are mapped to image objects seems like a good way to deploy artistic effects. This is related to sprite animations or adding the appearance of movement to a player or object. Instead of doing a reload when the player wins or loses, there should be a menu that prompts the user if they want to continue or quit. Perhaps adding a score for each round won or lost would be nice. There can be a few tweaks on the movement controls like reversing direction when a right or left collision occurs. This would make the game more "bouncy" and fun.