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#### Editing

- Autocomplete: VS Code and extensions will both offer autocomplete suggestions as you type. You can use the arrow keys to move through the suggestions, then press <kdb>Tab</kbd> or <kbd>Enter</kbd> to auto complete.
- I've found that autocomplete with Enter can be a little too much - sometimes I just want the text that I have typed, not the suggestion! To make this a little easier, I changed the setting **Accept Suggestions on Enter** to **off**.
- Move a line (or group of lines) up and down: <kbd>CMD</kbd>+<kbd>up / down</kdb>
- Place a cursor in multiple places: <kbd>Option</kbd>+<kbd>click</kdb>
- Select multiple instances of the same text: Highlight the first instance, then <kbd>Option</kbd>+<kbd>D</kbd>

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