Practice using ES6 classes
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Make an ATM Class

$ git clone

For this exercise you will be creating an ATM class.

It will have the following properties...

  • type (e.g., "checking"), which should be determined by some input
  • money, which should start out as 0

It should have the following methods...

  • withdraw, which should decrease the amount of money by some input
  • deposit, which should increase the amount of money by some input
  • showBalance, which should print the amount of money in the bank to the console.

The Atm class has a transactionHistory property which keeps track of the withdrawals and deposits made to the account.

  • Make sure to indicate whether the transaction increased or decreased the amount of money in the bank.


Give the Atm class a backupAccount property that can, optionally, contain a reference to another instance of the class, determined by some input

  • Whenever an ATM's balance goes below zero, it will remove money from the instance stored in backupAccount so that its balance goes back to zero.
  • This should trigger a withdrawal in the back up account equal to the amount of money that was withdrawn from the original account.