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Inheritance Practice

$ git clone git@git.generalassemb.ly:ga-wdi-exercises/es6-classes-inheritance-practice.git

Create a User class.

It should have the following properties...

  • username, determined by some input
  • password, determined by some input

It should have the following methods...

  • changePassword, which allows a user to change their password to some other string

Create an Admin class.

It should inherit from User. An admin has the same properties and can run the same methods a user can.

It should also have the following properties...

  • accessLevel, which is an arbitrary integer determined by some input

It should also have the following methods...

  • overridePassword, which should take another user and a new password as an argument. When executed, this method changes the password for the passed-in user.

Bonus I

Try implementing a class feature we won't be covering in class.

Create a "getter" and "setter" methods for retrieving and updating a user's username.


  • Read the "Get & Set" section here.