HTML and CSS lab to recreate an iPhone
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HTML & CSS Cell Phone

Your project is to recreate an iPhone using what we've learned about HTML and CSS.


Take a moment to re-familiarize yourself with the plagiarism policy, specifically on using work you find online and on work you do with other students.


Your submission should include the necessary boilerplate for an HTML5 page. On top of that, you should have everything listed in the MVP section below.

MVP To be considered a complete submission, your iPhone should have the following and look like the image provided in mock.png:

  • an HTML file that passes HTML validation
  • a CSS file that passes CSS validation
  • The iPhone outer body
  • The iPhone screen with a background image from unsplash
  • A home button below the screen

Bonus #1

  • Add the camera and speaker above the screen

Bonus #2

  • Add the status bar to the top of the screen
  • Add 4 icons to the home row
  • Add your favorite app icons to the home screen