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Building a SPA with an Express API with Your Team

You’ve already worked in small groups to accomplish various labs and exercises, but this time we’re going to challenge you to work on a whole project in a small team.

Not only will you be asked to exercise additional creativity in designing your own project, your consultants will partner you with other classmates to architect, design, and collaboratively build an API of your own design.

While your last project taught you how to get started with Ruby, SQL, and Ruby on Rails, this project you'll be building something exciting with Express and MongoDB.

This is meant to push you both technically and collaboratively. It’s a lot harder to work in a team than to work by yourself, but that's most likely what you’re going to find yourself doing in your first development job after WDI, and it's important to learn how to work together.

Make it work, and make it awesome.

Required Reading

As a team, review and discuss:

Optional Reading

Good luck and happy hacking!


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