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bengitscode commented Mar 13, 2017

Refresh for cohort 016

Ben Adamski added some commits Mar 9, 2017

Ben Adamski
Update from challenge-template
-  Refresh for cohort 016.
Ben Adamski
Update from node-template
-  Refresh for cohort 016.
-  Update complete gitignore file with:
 -  macosx.
 -  node.
 -  ruby.
 -  python.
Ben Adamski
Add necessary chai and expect imports to tests
-  Was this removed in update?
Ben Adamski
Change all instance of .toEqual to .to.equal
-  This syntax has been updated to` to.equal`
-  Tests will not pass with old syntax.
Ben Adamski
Correct typo in README whether or not
-  Changed whether of not.
  -  to: whether or not.
-  Death to typos!

@bernardlee bernardlee requested a review from bengitscode Mar 13, 2017

Ben Adamski added some commits Mar 14, 2017

Ben Adamski
Silence rubocop in spec/challenge_spec.rb
-  Updates with preferred single quotes and array synatax.
Ben Adamski
Remove extraneous files
-  Address review in #9
Ben Adamski
Correct javascript test
-  Address review in #9
-  Missed updated syntax correction.
Ben Adamski
Add frozen_literal:true comments
-  lib/challenge.rb.
-  spec/challenge_spec.rb.
-  Address #9.

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bengitscode commented Mar 14, 2017

I couldn't that python linter working either if I remember correctly, it was an issue in 015 as well.

In js challenge, you could remove the placeholder arguments but that linter warning, however little, guides them to use/change that variable.

The ruby one is up to the ruby gods, I couldn't make rubocop happy 🤖 😡

Ben Adamski
Correct javascript challenge test
-  Missed toBeNull to to.be.null change.

@bernardlee bernardlee merged commit cb7ffb2 into master Mar 14, 2017

@bernardlee bernardlee deleted the 016/master branch Mar 14, 2017

@bengitscode bengitscode restored the 016/master branch Mar 14, 2017

@bernardlee bernardlee deleted the 016/master branch Mar 14, 2017

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