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JS Basics Diagnostic

You have 30 minutes


  1. Fork and clone this repository.
  2. Change into the new directory.
  3. Install dependencies with npm install.
  4. Create and checkout a new branch, named response.
  5. Follow the directions given in lib/diagnostic.js.
  6. Before the allotted time is up, push to your fork and issue a pull request.

Your pull request description should contain a "fist to five" for comfort and clarity. Additionally, you should mention the resources you used to help you complete this diagnostic. For example:

Comfort: 3
Clarity: 3

I used Google and my class notes to help with this diagnostic.

You may wish to refer to FAQs related to forking, cloning, and pull requests.

You may use any resource other than each other to complete this diagnostic. This includes referencing talk materials, appropriate documentation, and searching for help online.

You should be running grunt nag before diagnosing any bugs, since it finds some of the most common sources of errors. After grunt nag passes, you should run grunt test to run the included tests. Tests will tell you whether of not your responses are correct.


  1. All content is licensed under a CC­BY­NC­SA 4.0 license.
  2. All software code is licensed under GNU GPLv3. For commercial use or alternative licensing, please contact
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