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jQuery AJAX Delete Element



By the end of this, developers should be able to:

  • Make HTTP requests using curl and AJAX to:
    • Delete a specific resource.
  • Use response data in future requests.


  1. Fork and clone this repository.
  2. Create a new branch, training, for your work.
  3. Checkout to the training branch.
  4. Install dependencies with npm install.

DELETE /books/:id

Delete a book from the API

Review: GET Single Book

First let's ensure we can get a book with a specific id.

Enter into the chrome address bar to retreive a single book with id=1

We can also use curl to retrieve one book at a time.

Demo: Delete Single Book using Curl

We'll use curl with the DELETE http verb to signify to our API that we want to delete the book

Why can't we delete a book using the browser address bar?

Code Along: Write Curl Script

Let's write that curl command into a script.

Lab: AJAX Delete Single Book

Again, take a stepped approach:

  1. Add a new form with text input for a book id to the form in index.html.
  2. Add a Delete button to the form.
  3. Add an event listener on the form's submit action within assets/scripts/index.js.
  4. Retrieve the value of the id, if any, in the submit handler.
  5. Branch on that value in the submit handler.
  6. Add a delete single book method to assets/scripts/books/api.js.
  7. Add a delete single book success and fail handler to assets/scripts/books/ui.js.
  8. Invoke the delete single book method from the submit handler passing the success and fail callbacks.


  1. All content is licensed under a CC­BY­NC­SA 4.0 license.
  2. All software code is licensed under GNU GPLv3. For commercial use or alternative licensing, please contact