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Follow these instructions to set up your laptop for work in WDI. If you've previously set up a development environment on your computer, you may wish to skip some of these steps; do not do so without first checking with an consultant!

If at any point you are unsure of whether you have done something correctly, ask a consultant. It's important in many cases that we do these steps in order. In general, if you receive no output, the command has executed successfully. (No news is good news.) If you receive output in your terminal that you didn't expect, please notify a consultant.

The goal of this is not for you to fully understand everything that is being set up on your computer or what all of these tools do! You should be focused on following along and completing the instructions. If you have any specific questions about anything you do today, we will be happy to answer after Installfest is complete.

Note for Linux Users

We support both macOS and Ubuntu (an open-source Linux based OS) at WDI. If you choose to use Linux, we strongly recommend using Ubuntu 16.04. We can guide you through the process of getting that set up on your machine. If you choose to use a different Linux distribution, or a different version of Ubuntu, the scripts in this repository will not work, and you will be responsible for configuring your own development environment. Only choose this option if you're an experienced Linux user and enjoy troubleshooting.

Setup Description
Github and Initial Setup Set up accounts for GitHub & GitHub Enterprise. Fork and Clone this repository
Git Set global Git config, add SSH keys for GitHub & GHE
Bash Configuration Set up necessary bash files
Command Line Tools - Xcode (macOS only) Install Xcode
Homebrew Install Homebrew package manager
Node Install nvm, Node, and global npm packages
Ruby Install rbenv and Ruby
PostgreSQL Install PostgreSQL
MongoDB Install MongoDB
Atom Install Atom and required plugins
Chrome Install Chrome and configure settings