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Rename markdownlint.json to markdownlintrc

- This is our new preferred config file as it plays well with both our cli
markdown linter, as well as linter-node-markdown in Atom's interface.
- Also removes x from checkbox and adds "example" to check list example
for clarity.
- Close wdi-bos-faculty/instructors#94
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@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@ section, or use it to frame the guide. Good framing answers the question "Why am
I learning/doing this?".

Be sure to include a recent LICENSE and Markdown linter configuration
(.markdownlint.json or eslintrc.json). Also, include an appropriate .gitignore;
(.eslintrc or markdownlintrc). Also, include an appropriate .gitignore;
these are usually found in specific technology templates, for example js-template.

## Prerequisites
@@ -49,13 +49,13 @@ email, so be sure to check your inbox so that you can activate your account.
Each step for guide should be represented in here as a checklist item and below
this checklist as an individual third-level header.

* [x] [Push Master to Heroku](#push-master-to-heroku)
* [ ] [push master to heroku](#push-master-to-heroku)
* [ ] [Update Heroku's Database](#update-herokus-database)
* [ ] [Set Your Secrets](#set-your-secrets)
* [ ] [Check Your Work](#check-your-work)
* [ ] [Change Your Apps's Name](##change-your-apps-name-optionaladditional)

### Setup Guide: Checklist
### Setup Guide: Checklist: Example

Provide checklist of steps outlined above.

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