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I'm really loving the course so far; I banked a lot on this being a good decision and I'm happy and relieved to have that confidence reaffirmed.

  • I unfortunately(?) learn best through getting slammed with information in every possible way, so it takes a lot of listening, doing, saying, reading etc for total comprehension. I took a learning style test years ago and most people have more of a triangle shape where it points (I forget the name for that type of graph) out to two or three dominant learning types and mine was almost a perfect star. I can never be sure which method works best for each piece of information so I just go for a bombardment of listening, doing, conversing about it, reading about, and rinse repeat, repeat, repeat until it sticks.
  • The initial readings didn't click much at first (if yet at all) but I think getting that type of information is important, and a good starting point. All I've wanted from the start is a visualization of git and somehow it made things more confusing--for now. I think it will be really helpful eventually and hope that despite tedium, force-feeding it ad nauseum will get me more comfortable by the end of the week. I opened two versions of the git branching tutorial in two side-by-side windows and did both the exercise and instructions simultaneously because i was sick of refreshing the page in attempt to use a reset function. This made it take way more than an hour (and I still have plenty to do) but it also forced me to do every single thing AT LEAST twice, which I think will pay off in the end.
  • Not nearly as comfortable as I'd like to be. I'm getting there, and I hope throughout the week that will advance quickly and that if not by the end of the week, I'll be much more comfortable with it after letting rote drills swallow my weekend and the free time it allows.

I'm happy with the pace of everything so far and just focusing on keeping up. Looking forward to my first of many WDI-induced existential crises.

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