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Add issue queue to additional resources.

- Per comment on pull request #993
- This seems like the most logical place to put it, but also means we should
add it to the additional resources sections on all project repositories.
- I think that makes the most sense and encourages to use developers as a
resource, just like any other resources, not just as a direct helpline to us,
but as a professional resource such as StackOverflow or a real ticket queue on
the job.
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bengitscode committed Nov 1, 2017
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@@ -71,6 +71,8 @@ tools to make it **multi-player, and multi-device** – so you can say to someon
- [jQuery Docs](
- [Writing Good User Stories](
- [Presenting Information Architecture](
- [Game-Project Issue Queue](
- **Please note that an issue template has been added to this repository. This means that when you open an issue here, the textbox will autofill with a helpful template outlining important information to add to your issue. Not only will adhering to this format bring a smile to all of our faces but it *will* bring clarity to your issue and get it resolved *faster.***

## [License](LICENSE)

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