Commits on Aug 17, 2017
Commits on Jun 22, 2017
  1. Refactor grunt/shell.js

    bengitscode committed Jun 22, 2017
    Isolates git clean to its own alias, to reflect refactoring of
  2. Refactor grunt/aliases.json

    bengitscode committed Jun 22, 2017
    Refactors aliases to isolate git clean into its own step. This step has
    failed for the developers that have used this deployment method, but not
    I've yet to be able to reproduce the error since refactoring the script
    and testing ad nauseam.
    It may have had something do with being chained by && operators? The
    clean command evaluating to something different than expected is one of
    my best guesses so far.
  3. Add grunt/shell.js for grunt-deploy

    bengitscode committed Jun 9, 2017
    - Shell.js provides the sequence of CLI commands to deploy ember to gh-pages.
  4. Add grunt/shell.js to complete grunt deploy tasks

    bengitscode committed Jun 7, 2017
    - Adds grunt/shell.js file, containing the commands grunt by grunt deploy
    - This command should work regardless of the state of gh-pages, if it's
    even been created, and should exclude node_modules and bower_components
    from the cleanup step.
  5. Add deploy tasks to grunt/aliases

    bengitscode committed Jun 7, 2017
    - This adds the set of deploy commands adapted from `browser-template` and tested in github/bengitscode/ember-shipit .
    - Dependant upon grunt/shell.js which was added but NOT tracked here. Will
    add shell.js to tracking in next commit.
  6. Install grunt-shell as a dev-dependency.

    bengitscode committed Jun 10, 2017
    - The result of the CLI command `npm install --save-dev grunt-shell`
    - This completes the addition of grunt-deploy to ember-template.
    - This currently diffs clean against the repo/branch I built and
    tested this on, it should still be tested by others before merging