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# Contributing

If you would like to contribute, please follow the [style guide](
Issues labeled ["help
wanted"]( are a good
place to start!

To contribute, clone this repository. If you don't have commit access: fork,
clone, then pull request.

Feel free to comment on any issue, including proposed changes. If you have any
questions or want to discuss a new change, don't hesitate to file an issue.
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# Style Guide

## Markdown

Use [remark-lint]( There's a nice [plugin
for Atom]( Have a look at the [default
style rules]( and
our own [.remarkrc](.remarkrc) for non-default configuration options. These
rules are selected for readability of source code compatibility with GitHub
wiki features.

### HTML

Please refrain from using HTML inside markdown files, as a rule. Sometimes,
using HTML is the only way to accomplish something, like including an image with
a custom width attribute.

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