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@@ -27,8 +27,7 @@ If you have not installed phantomjs, you will need to install it globally:

At the beginning of each cohort, update this template by upgrading `ember-cli`
and generating a new Ember application in another location. Copy files over a
handful at a time and check diffs. You should preserve the pods structure and
other customizations, including Bootstrap.
handful at a time and check diffs.

## Installation

@@ -55,10 +54,6 @@ Do not configure `grunt` packages directly in the
generated by the `Gruntfile.js` based on the filename of the configuration
object stored in the `grunt` directory.

Developers should store source code following Ember conventions. This template
uses the "pods" layout for organizing code. For an introduction, see [Organize
Your Ember App with Pods](

## Tasks

Developers should run these often!

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