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bengitscode commented Mar 3, 2017

This branch repairs erroneous changes made by @bengitscode in #13 merged from 016/master.

Most importantly, the .gitignore never should have been updated and doing so removed the only content it should have, credentials.csv and .env, while adding in the full node-template .gitignore.

Additionally, the IAM section had redundant steps and downright incorrect information due to my misunderstanding of the process. Those errors have been fixed, and the language further clarified.

S3 section was accurate but I added some more clarifying language there as well.

Any non-critical issues are open as issues, these are critical.

Ben Adamski added some commits Mar 3, 2017

Ben Adamski
Add credentials.csv back to gitignore
-  Adds credentials.csv back to .gitignore file.
Ben Adamski
Repair and explicitly clarify IAM steps.
-  There was redundancy and errors in guide.
-  Credentials.csv was confused with accesKeys.csv wrongfully.
-  Some language was not explicit enough
  -  e.g. made button names more explicit.
-  Close #14
Ben Adamski
Add clarifying language to S3 steps
-  More explicit language to clarify steps.
-  Clarify need to click two different `save` buttons in final
Ben Adamski
Match grammar with previous examples
-  Change create User to `Create User`
 -  Consistency with previous examples, all buttons are written
this way.
-  Not all instances are appended with button, but adding button
after some would read strangely.
-  This commit ensures all buttons to be fenced in back tics.
Ben Adamski
Eliminate sneaky console misspelling
-  AWS console is misspelled as AWS consle in AWS S# Access
Control section.

@MicFin MicFin requested a review from bengitscode Mar 3, 2017

@raq929 raq929 requested a review from bengitscode Mar 3, 2017


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jrhorn424 commented Mar 3, 2017

Would it be appropriate to ignore all .csv files? Would it be appropriate to block both credentials.csv and accessKeys.csv? @gaand

@MicFin MicFin removed their request for review Mar 21, 2017

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