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Remove unnecessary spacing in S3 section

- Removes unnecessary spaces in S3 section. They were not affecting
the markdown visually on github; and the don't match markdown sepcs for
lists. Will revert this commit if it has a negative impact on the github
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bengitscode committed Jun 18, 2017
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@@ -100,25 +100,18 @@ In the [S3]( tab:
1. At the bottom of the `Bucket Policy Editor` page,
click `Policy Generator`. This opens the AWS Policy Generator page.
1. On the AWS Policy Generator page

1. Step 1: Select Policy Type

1. For `Select Type of Policy` use `S3 Bucket Policy`.

1. Step 2: Add Statement(s)

1. Select `Allow` for `Effect`.
1. Paste the User ARN into the `Principal` box.
1. Select `PutObject` and `PutObjectAcl` for `Actions`.
1. Enter `arn:aws:s3:::<bucket_name>/*` into the
`Amazon Resource Name (ARN)` box.
1. Click the `Add Statement`.

1. Step 3: Generate Policy

1. Click `Generate Policy`
1. Copy the JSON from the `Policy JSON Document` modal.

1. Return to the S3 tab.
1. Paste the bucket policy into the `Bucket Policy Editor` field.
1. Click `Save`.

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