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Remove duplicate 'download .csv file' steps

- Steps were repeated about downloading the accessKeys.csv file
- Closes #14
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jordanallain committed May 9, 2017
1 parent 440277e commit 4050f7e5e06d16df63ea46c4e893e76e5cd4fdf1
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@@ -68,8 +68,6 @@ _Then_
1. When complete, click `download .csv file` and save the CSV to this repository.(this is
the only time you'll be able to see your access key, but you can generate a new one anytime
and are encouraged to rotate them frequently)
1. Click `Download Credentials`.
1. Save the file `credentials.csv` to this repository.
1. Click `Close`
1. Click on the newly created user.
1. Copy the `User ARN` _(Amazon Resource Name)_ at the top of the page and save it in [arn.txt](arn.txt).

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