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Our favorite AI nemesis, HAL9000 vs. Dave Bowman

  • Construct a chatbot that responds to various inputs from Dave
  • Feel free to use the HTML and CSS scaffolds or construct your own
  • Be creative with your logic and responses!
  • Feel free to also change the characters and anything in the starter code—be creative!

Grading Rubric (Pass/Partial/Fail)


  • Have the AI respond to user input
  • Do at least 3 different things
  • One of the commands must utilize the list of people in the class to send a reply
  • Use at least 1 conditional to change the response
  • Leverage a for loop to iterate over a collection
  • Use a random component
  • Go above and beyond simple if/else statements

Stretch Goals

  • Have 2 or more AIs responding based upon user input
  • Use a regular expression to parse and manipulate the response
  • Have a conversation between two AIs (without creating an infinite loop!)


  • A working chatbot hosted somewhere publicly accessible (CodePen, Github Pages, etc.)
  • A new git respository containing your code
  • A file with explanations of what your bot does, what commands it responds to, the approach taken, unsolved problems, etc.