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Mini-Lab: Resolving Local conflicts

Init a new repository

  • mkdir conflict_repo
  • cd conflict repo
  • git init

Create a source code file

  • touch convo.js
  • git add . and git commit -m "init"
  • open convo.js and add the following function:
    function hello() {
      return 'Hello World';
  • view the current change with git diff
  • add/commit the change, make sure you are on the master branch
  • take a moment and use git log, git status, and git show HEAD to view the committed change

Implement a feature using a feature branch

  • git checkout -b bye
  • Add a goodbye function to convo.js
    function goodbye() {
      return 'Goodbye World';
  • Commit this change on the bye branch But Do Not Merge it Back to Master Yet

Implement another feature on a separate branch

  • git checkout master important

    • You must switch back to master before checking out a new feature branch. Note that checking out a new branch always includes all commits from its parent.
  • git checkout -b example

    • Observe that our changes from bye are not present
  • Amend convo.js as follows:

    function hello() {
      return 'Hello World';
    const greeting = hello();
  • Commit the change on example

Merge both features into master and resolve conflicts

  • git checkout master
  • git merge bye --this should not cause any issues
  • git merge example -- this should cause a conflict
  • Resolve the conflict either by removing the added lines from git and organizing the code or by just deleting one of the offending changes
  • git add convo.js once the conflict has been resolved
  • git commit

NOTE: git status and git branch will be helpful while resolving conflicts