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Group Git practice



  • Clone this repo
  • create a new repo on github called LAB_U03_D08_Group-Git
  • cd into your local repo and change the origin remote git remote set-url origin YOUR-GIT-URL

All of your work will happen in your new repo. You are not making any PRs to the original repo

Creating new branches

For the following steps please pick one team member's repo and do all the work there. The purpose of this exercise is to work with git/github as a team. You can either all clone from one member's repo in a separate directory or adjust the remote origin url with set-url like from above.

Make sure at least one person reviews each PR.

Step 1 (as a team)

  • Checkout a branch called add-people
  • On the bottom of person.js, add var people = [];
  • Create a PR for this branch, review it, and merge it

Step 2 (each member)

Each member must do work on his/her own branch but help each other out as a team! (This means no touching anyone else's keyboard)

  • Then, each person on your team should check out their own branch from master
    • eg: git checkout add-stacey-to-people
    • Create yourself and add yourself to the array
    • Make a PR for your branch
  • Once everyone has made a PR, review each one and merge. After the first, everyone will have to rebase their branch!

Step 3 (each member)

  • Check out a branch to give your name a prefix or suffix
    • eg: git checkout change-stacey-to-capt-stacey
    • Make a PR but do not yet merge

Step 4 (as a team)

  • Checkout a branch called rename-person-to-student
  • Rename the Person class to Student
  • Create a PR for this branch, review it, and merge it

Step 5 (each member)

  • Each remaining PR should now have a conflict with master
  • pull down master on each local machine, merge in master to each branch, and notice the resulting conflict
  • Resolve these conflicts and push your branch back up
  • Have someone review it, then merge it

Step 6 (as a team)

Give your code-base one final check

  • Each PR should be merged
  • You should have an array of Student instances (from step 4)
  • Each student should have a prefix or suffix (from step 3 and 5)

example of final code:

var stacey = new Student({name: 'Capt Stacey Winnatour IV', age: 30, gender: 'female'});
// ...

var students = [stacey, tracey, lacey, macey];