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Data Science 101

Welcome to General Assembly's Data Science 101. This repository contains all of the materials supplied for this workshop.

Value Proposition

Data Scientist is the "sexiest job of the 21st century", according to Harvard Business Review. Despite all the hype surrounding big data, data scientists know that the size of your data doesn't matter - it’s what you do with it. This workshop represents the first step towards avoiding buzzwords and improving your data literacy.

Data science is a core element of modern business, but most people don’t know how to harness data to drive their vision. Before diving into analysis, it’s important to define a clear approach based on organizational goals and objectives. From there, data science can help you understand and analyze trends in order to make accurate predictions and data-driven recommendations.

In this workshop, we’ll define what data science is, review some of the main tools used by data scientists today, and discuss how these tools can be implemented in real world workflows using examples and case studies.

Students Will Learn How To:

  • Explain the field of data science, defining common roles, benefits, and trends.
  • Explore some popular tools and resources to visualize, analyze, and model data.
  • Recognize the different types of problems that can be solved by data scientists.
  • Apply the data science workflow to provide real world recommendations.

Included in this repository:

  1. Onboarding Materials - Background context & instructions for how to make use of our materials.

  2. Teaching Materials - Lesson plan, activities & assessment, deck, and handout.

To Get Started

If this is your first time teaching this workshop, welcome!! Please take 15 minutes to read through the following onboarding materials to help get an understanding of your responsibilities as an instructor and gain some background context on this course.

Document Description
Roadmap Prerequisites and suggested follow-up plan
Resources Description of tools used and relevant policies for this workshop


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