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The Course materials for General Assembly's Data Science course for Booz Allen Hamilton in Washington D.C. (7/21/17 - 9/15/17)


Refer to https://git.generalassemb.ly/ds-dc-19-bah-07-2017/DS-DC-BAH1/tree/master/unit-4_project for capstone information. Submission links and instructions can be found in https://git.generalassemb.ly/ds-dc-19-bah-07-2017/DS-DC-BAH1/blob/master/unit-4_project/requirements.md .


You've all been invited to use Slack for chat during class and the day. Please consider this the primary way to contact other students. Office Hours are listed Weekly on Slack in the Office Hours Channel

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Your Team

Lead Instructor: Alex Egorenkov
Instructional Assistant: Charles Rice
Instructional Assistant: Sam Stack


Class Date Topic Instructor Extra Material(s)
1 7/21 What is Data Science SMART Question Example
Your Development Environment iPython Notebook Practice
Python Fundamentals : Part 1
2 7/28 Python Fundamentals : Part 2
Review & Project 1
Statistics Review
Statistics Part 2
3 8/4 Exploratory Data Analysis
Data Visualization in Python
Review and Project 2 Workshop
4 8/11 Linear Regression
Train-Test Split & Bias Variance
5 8/18 KNN / Classification
Logistic Regression
6 8/25 Review and Project 3 Workshop
Getting Data from API's
7 9/8 FLEX: Decision Trees or Clustering
8 9/15 Review and Project 4 Workshop
Project Presentations